How to buy property in Italy profitably

To buy something you need, you must first sell something unnecessary)))

Or, in the words of a realtor: how to buy a home in Italy so that you can then sell it profitably?

At the present time, the purchase of an object is approached in a completely different way and more carefully. Forecasting for the future how profitable it will be possible to easily sell this very property.

Let's figure it out: what affects the liquidity of an object in Italy? First of all, these are: location, price and condition - if these indicators exist, then the forecast for the sale is optimistic.

But everything is in order. Important points are the price and location of the object. For a better calculation, it is necessary that these two indicators be calculated and predicted right now, at the time of purchase. Even if the location is excellent, but the price is high, or vice versa - the price is acceptable, and the location is not interesting, you should not hope for a successful solution to the issue in the future.

Make a portrait of the future buyer of your property: a family with children buying for permanent or temporary residence, for recreation or a business person, retirees, students, etc. Therefore, it is not worth buying real estate now, which will be of interest to individual buyers.

You may ask: doesn't the state of the object play a role? Yes, of course, to do the repair for yourself, but also for the subsequent sale is a question that can be solved. You can buy it cheaper, in a good place, and then make repairs. But then there is concern about the agreement with the neighbors of common areas. As you can imagine, the state of the entrance, what the buyer sees in the first place is very important. I do not advise buying housing on the last floors, because the roof may be leaking, and in summer there will be unbearable heat. The first floors should not be considered the same - mold can live there. Alternatively, you buy real estate in new buildings with ready-made renovation, but it will cost more and it will be difficult to sell.

And one more thing: if in a given place there is competition among objects in the same price segment, then the sale will be more difficult. Where objects are rarely sold and leave quickly, then of course, it is worth investing in real estate.

In the next articles I will continue to share my experience: where to buy and where not to.