Let's take a walk in Scylla in Italy?

Do you know that the town in the Calabrian region of Scilla, or as the locals call it Scylla, is the name of a young nymph who rejected the courtship of Poseidon, who turned to the witch Circe to bewitch a young nymph.

The sorceress poisoned the water where the nymph bathed, and she turned into a monster with two dog-headed heads, sinking ships sailing along the Strait of Messina.

They say that the whirlpool in the strait barks), everyone believes in a monster

Let's take a walk around Scylla? We go to the port.

I like the port of Scylla. Here you can see the typical feluga boats that are used for sword fishing. And if you're lucky, you can catch fishermen and their catch

In Scylla, everything is connected with the sea. Almost all men go fishing. Some are professional and earn very good money, while others have a hobby.

They go out to sea early in the morning, and return closer to sunset. Therefore, in order to catch a mooring ship, I advise you to take a walk towards the port somewhere around 19:00

The port of Scylla offers stunning views of the fishing village of Kianalea. In it, many houses are actually built on the water, for which the locals call it "Venezia del sud", which literally means southern Venice

The ground floor in these houses still serves as a parking space for boats.

Kianalea is the heart of Scylla. At the best of times, there were a huge number of tourists walking along the narrow streets.

Do you want to take a walk in Scylla?