How is a real estate transaction in Italy


I can imagine how a potential buyer of real estate in Italy begins to seethe with one thought: where to start and in what sequence? If you decide to independently take up the search for housing in Italy, then you are a brave person. Yes, you can do without a realtor, you cannot do without a notary, but be prepared for difficulties and surprises that are not always pleasant, associated with the laws of Italy and the "purity" of the object.

Everything happens in life, but in a country where you were not born even more so.

So, you will find instructions on transactions in Italy to help you. Everything in order:

- we get the Tax identification code. This allows you to get health insurance, get a job, start a business, etc.

-open a bank account. It's all clear what and why.

-you looked after the house, draw up your intention to the seller, i.e. express your willingness to buy and indicate your price. The buyer agreed - great! Or it may not agree, then the bargaining begins in writing))) Agreed - the buyer makes an advance payment of 5-10% of the cost of the object. If one of the parties violated the agreement, penalties follow

- then a preliminary contract is signed. I wrote about it earlier, you can read it, everything is described in detail there.

- a bill of sale is signed by a notary. Moreover, the notary reads the agreement out loud and excludes variability in understanding all the clauses of the agreement. An interesting point: if you do not speak Italian, then the presence of an interpreter and two witnesses who speak two languages are required. The contract is also drawn up in two languages.

- then the buyer pays for the transaction with checks from an Italian bank. Signed a contract, handed the check to the seller.

And the last thing. Registration of ownership. This is done by the notary. He sends documents to Italian government agencies: cadastral department, registration chamber, tax department. In time, this procedure can take up to three months, as luck would have it.

It's simple!))) If, of course, it goes smoothly. You can contact with me any time!