10 interesting facts about Italy that you did not know about, but I guessed!))))

The word Italy, according to one of the hypotheses, comes from a similar word "inalia" and is translated as "land of the calf." Who knows why?

Italians don't shout or swear, they talk so emotionally. The Italians themselves joke: "If an Italian is tied behind his back, he will not be able to speak" That's for sure!)))

All musical notation is written in Italian: Allegro, Adagio ... Piano in Italian sounds like "pianoforte". Those. on the contrary, the words are rearranged. The instrument was invented by the Italian master instrumentalist Borolomeo Cristofori in 1709.

Italy is one of the five most tourist countries in the world, I hope this rating will remain even after the pandemic, when the borders open. Everyone dreams of seeing the volcanoes of Vesuvius and the ever-breathing Etna. By the way, Italy has the largest number of volcanoes in all of Europe. This is, so to speak, an eternal adrenaline and a charge of vigor for Italy: whether these handsome volcanoes will wake up or not.

All Italian words end with a vowel, like most Italian surnames. Surnames often depend on the region. So, for example, most of the surnames of the northern Italians end with an "i", and the southern ones with an "o", have you noticed such a fact? Although a lot has changed over the past decades.

Pasta with tomato sauce is the most popular dish among Italians. Interesting fact: until the beginning of the 17th century in Italy, no one ate pasta with tomato sauce. Previously, they preferred to eat it with honey or sugar. Did you know about this?

The language that is considered official in Italy is actually a Florentine dialect. He became common after writing Dante's "The Divine Comedy"

Early on, Lamborghini was best known as a tractor company.

The uniform for the police was designed and sewn by the fashion house Armani and helped by the house Prada. How they divided the responsibilities there is not clear.

Each village or city has its own patron saint. It is believed that the farther south the region, the more friendly the inhabitants there and the more often men sincerely kiss when they meet and say goodbye)))

How do you like these facts? Who knew or guessed about it?