Properties in Diano Marina

Picturesque coastline, golden sandy beaches immersed in exotic Mediterranean greenery - all this is a bay nestled between the majestic capes of Capo Cervo and Capo Berta. The main resort of this delightful coast is Diano Marina - a comfortable complex of equipped beaches, hotels, hotels and crowded discos and pubs.

The Italian town of Diano Marina (Liguria) turned into a tourist center after the 1887 earthquake that shook Italy almost completely wiped it off the coast. Then, by the efforts of an initiative group of Milanese, the village was rebuilt, and among the buildings erected in the process of reconstruction was one of the most popular hotels today - Paradiso. Having assessed the tourist attractiveness of the territory, the initiators of the construction decided not to stop there and continued the improvement of the future resort - one of those that Italy is famous for today. So bars, hotels, shops, discos and other establishments appeared on the coast, designed to make the rest at the resort varied and exciting.

In addition to its natural beauties, the resort of Diano Marina is famous for its cultural and architectural attractions. This is the Municipal Museum, which has concentrated a rich collection of archaeological finds of past centuries, and the town of Madonna della Rovere, which keeps the remains of a Roman refuge on its territory, and many other monuments of Italian culture. Of course, real estate purchased in the Diano Marina resort is an excellent investment.

Having a villa on the coast, you can visit the resort at any time of the year and afford a heavenly vacation, without worrying about the cost of staying at the hotel or the availability of free rooms in hotels. Arriving in your own home, located on one of the most attractive coasts of Italy, you will be surrounded by the comfort and coziness of a home environment and you can always hide from noisy discos and bars in the silence of spacious rooms. It is worth saying that real estate in Diano Marina is an excellent investment that will pay off, regardless of the global financial crises and other cataclysms. A house on the coast can become a source of stable income in those months when you will not use it: you just need to rent it out. Thus, buying a property in Diano Marina will be a reliable way for you to save and increase your capital.