Buy a villa in Imperia

Villas in the Empire are very popular with our compatriots. Buy a villa in Imperia by the sea on the coast, which is located among the paradise of Liguria. These amazing places are beautiful not only for their nature and comfortable climate, which is created due to the location of mountains near the sea, but they protect these places from sudden temperature changes.

The history of this small town is also interesting.

So, according to the documents, the Empire is a city that at the beginning of the last century was formed from two settlements, which are now its districts. One of them was known in antiquity as Portus Maurici, and the other, back in the 12th century, was in the possession of the Bishops of Albenga. Just on the shore of this city, many centuries ago, there was a castle where General Andrea Doria himself was born.

Famous people have been here, some of them were owners of these lands from time to time. But the time has come when this territory came into the possession of the state, which decided to unite these two cities together and create a new settlement, with a loud name - the Empire. Despite the fact that the unification was bloody, today Imperia is a quiet and beautiful, small town, which is located on the coast of the Ligurian Sea.

Among the most famous sights are the Cathedral of St. Mauritius, which is considered the largest in Liguria. Its area is equal to 3 thousand square meters, and its height is 48 meters. It was built for 67 years. You can buy a villa in the Empire not only for local residents, but also for foreigners, the law allows it. At the same time, it can be located both near the sights or the sea, and far from it. In particular, its price will depend on this. The sale of villas on the Ligurian coast is active in the Empire as well. And such transactions are made not only in order to live in villas ourselves. They can be very profitable to rent or sell, as the real estate of the Empire is highly valued. Therefore, this is a great investment opportunity.

Here you can even find exclusive luxury villas in Imperia, these are especially luxurious houses that are very carefully and expensively finished. And they are also located in very expensive and elite places. The elite villas of Liguria have been famous for a very long time, even the Grock himself built his residence there, which today is a popular attraction. Real estate in Italy is an excellent investment, purchase or gift, no one has yet regretted that they bought real estate in Liguria.