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Properties for sale in San Remo

Недвижимость в Санремо

Real estate in Sanremo today is a very hot topic. To buy a villa or an apartment by the sea in San Remo inexpensively, you can follow the links above. Our Russian-speaking office (real estate agency for Russians) in Italy and on the French Riviera (coast) is located in San Remo.

If we talk about Italy and the associations that our compatriots have with it, then San Remo will undoubtedly be on a par with Milan, Rome and the Vatican.

This city was known back in Soviet times for the regular broadcasts of a music competition that takes place in this popular resort town. The fall of the Iron Curtain allowed our compatriots to make sure that San Remo is one of the brightest pearls in Italy, and a huge number of people come to see it. Is it possible to pass by the legendary Nobel Villa, where the famous inventor of dynamite spent his last years of his life, or by the San Remo casino, which today brings huge revenues to the city treasury.

In addition, the flower fair, the Borea d'Olmo Palace, the Madonna della Costa Church, as well as the old town, permeated with a real labyrinth of narrow streets and small houses, evoke the most real admiration for visitors to the city. A great advantage of the city is its excellent climate, which is characterized by mild winters and warm dry summers with an average temperature of about 28 degrees. Today, more and more Russians go on vacation to San Remo. However, this is not surprising, since back in the 19th century a tradition arose to rest in this Italian resort with members of the royal dynasty and the Russian aristocracy. This was evidenced by the opening of the Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior, as well as the name of the main embankment of the city in honor of the wife of Alexander II.

The maximum influx of tourists to this Ligurian city occurs in the midst of the holiday season, when San Remo turns into a real carnival. At this time, not only a concert festival is held here, but also various sports, car races, a flower festival and fashion shows from the world's most famous couturiers. It is during these weeks that San Remo literally does not sleep, as the day's bustling life smoothly turns into night life, which is concentrated in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. However, it cannot be said at all that San Remo lives a quiet and calm life for the rest of the time.

The city has everything you need for a pleasant pastime. So, for example, many will love boat or horse rides, lovers of clean, calm beaches should visit the nearby small town of Ospedaleti, which is very easy to reach, and golf lovers can play a game on the local course (18 holes). One of the easiest and most convenient ways to visit all the most important events that take place in San Remo is to purchase real estate in this city, the demand for which has been growing very rapidly in recent years, despite the global crisis. The growth in demand for real estate leads, in addition to the obligatory gradual rise in price, also to an increase in supply, therefore, a sufficiently large number of real estate objects are now up for sale in the city for different tastes and wealth, among which you can always choose the most optimal option.

If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing real estate in this Ligurian city, then our company can help you with this. We offer our clients qualified assistance not only in the selection of specific real estate objects in San Remo and other cities of Liguria, but also the fastest possible execution of all the necessary documents when making the purchase and sale of real estate in full compliance with the requirements of Italian law.

The decisive factor when buying a property in San Remo is its unique microclimate!

New House in Sanremo for sale
€ 547.000

House in Sanremo for sale

Sales: Reference #5353

House in Sanremo with sea view In Sanremo for sale a house of 230 m2 with sea and mountain views, a garden of about 1300 m2 with fruit and citrus trees. The house consists of three separate floors with an external staircase,...

New Elegant Villa Rossat
€ 3.500.000

Elegant Villa Rossat

Sales: Reference #5352

For sale Elegant villa near Sanremo Villa Rossat, located near San Remo, in the city center and just 500 meters from the sea, was built in 1860. Villa Rossat was built with bricks from the Rossat family factory in typical...

New House for sale in Pietretagliate, Trapani
€ 600.000

House for sale in Pietretagliate, Trapani

Sales: Reference #5351

House for sale in Sicily, Pietretagliate Nice country house for sale with an area of 135 square meters. in Pietretagliate, Trapani, Sicily. The house is on two floors and consists of: living room, kitchen with access to...

Island for sale in Italy, Sicily
€ 12.000.000

Island for sale in Italy, Sicily

Sales: Reference #5350

Island for sale in Sicily, Italy Island for sale 11 hectares in Sicily, Italy. The distance from the mainland to the island is only 500 meters, the boat ride takes about 5 minutes. The island is surrounded by an olive...

House for sale in Seborga
€ 395.000

House for sale in Seborga

Sales: Reference #5349

House for sale in Seborga In the Principality of Seborga, a house of 130 m2 with panoramic mountain views is for sale. The house is located on three floors and consists of: living room, 2 kitchens, 2 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms.

Renting an apartment in Sanremo for a long period
€ 2.500/м

Renting an apartment in Sanremo for a long period

Residantial Rentals: Reference #5348

Apartment for rent in Sanremo Long-term rental apartment of 160 sqm in Sanremo with sea view. The apartment is located 5 minutes by car from the sea, the center and the beaches of Sanremo. The apartment consists of:...

Rent luxury villa in Albisola
€ 50.000/м

Rent luxury villa in Albisola

Residantial Rentals: Reference #5346

Long term rental villa in Albisola A rare Mediterranean pearl on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. Villa on the first line, completely renovated with the latest technology and technology, right in front of the sea, with...

House in Montegrazie 200 m2
€ 237.000

House in Montegrazie 200 m2

Sales: Reference #5345

House for sale in Montegrazie 200 m2 Near the town of Imperia, in Montegrazie, house for sale on three floors of 200 m2, renovated, overlooking the green valley. the house consists of: living room, 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms,...

Four-room apartment in Sanremo
€ 850.000

Four-room apartment in Sanremo

Sales: Reference #5343

Four-room apartment for sale in the center of Sanremo Near the Russian Church of Sanremo and the Casino, a four-room apartment of 95 m2 with a sea view is for sale. The apartment is located on the fifth floor in a building...

Three-room apartment in Sanremo
€ 320.000

Three-room apartment in Sanremo

Sales: Reference #5342

Three-room apartment in Sanremo with sea view For sale a spacious apartment of 93 m2 in Sanremo with panoramic sea views in an elegant building. The apartment is located on the third floor in the back with an elevator...

Apartment with 80 sqm garden in Bordighera
€ 490.000

Apartment with 80 sqm garden in Bordighera

Sales: Reference #5341

Apartment in Bordighera on the sea A few steps from the sea, an apartment with a garden of about 80 square meters is for sale in Bordighera. The apartment is on the ground floor and consists of: living room with kitchen...

Townhouse in Borgio Verezzi with sea view
€ 550.000

Townhouse in Borgio Verezzi with sea view

Sales: Reference #5340

220 sqm townhouse for sale in Borgio Verezzi A few steps away is a 220 sqm terraced house with sea view and a 300 sqm garden for sale. The townhouse is arranged over four floors and consists of an entrance hall, a tavern-kitchen,...

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin villa by the sea
€ 10.000.000

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin villa by the sea

Sales: Reference #5338

Luxury villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin For sale spacious villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin 460 m2 with panoramic views of the sea and the Principality of Monaco. Villa with elevator consists of 5 floors and consists of: Large...

Apartment in the center of Sanremo 115 m2
€ 550.000

Apartment in the center of Sanremo 115 m2

Sales: Reference #5337

In Sanremo near the sea apartment for sale Within walking distance to the sea, a duplex apartment of 115 m2 with a sea view and a large terrace is for sale. The apartment consists of: living room with access to the balcony,...

Rent a luxury villa in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France
€ 155.000/м

Rent a luxury villa in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France

Seasonal Rentals: Reference #5336

Rent a villa of 600 m2 in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France near the sea In the city of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France, a luxury villa of 350 m2 with panoramic sea views, first coastline is rented. Villa in very good condition, located...

Sold Villa for rent in Bordighera near the sea
€ 5.000/м

Villa for rent in Bordighera near the sea

Residantial Rentals: Reference #5335

Rent a 350 sqm villa in Bordighera for one year In the city of Bordighera, a new 350 sqm villa with swimming pool is for rent, near the sea for one year. Villa about 1.5 kilometers from the sea and with panoramic views...

Sold Project completed for a new villa in Sanremo
€ 260.000

Project completed for a new villa in Sanremo

Sales: Reference #5333

Sale of a finished project of a new villa in Sanremo In the city of Sanremo, a ready-made project for a new villa with a panoramic view of the sea and swimming pool is on sale. House with a plot of approximately 200 m2,...

Villa 370 m2 in the city of Sanremo with sea views
€ 1.400.000

Villa 370 m2 in the city of Sanremo with sea views

Sales: Reference #5332

Villa for sale 370 m2 in Sanremo with sea view Villa for sale in very good condition 370 m2 in the town of Sanremo with panoramic sea views. Quiet place, well-groomed territory. The house is located on three floors. The...

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