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The province of Mantova is part of the Lombardy region of Italy.
Etruscans and Gauls lived on the territory of the regional capital in ancient times. In 70 BC, the greatest poet of the era of Ancient Rome, Virgil, was born in Mantua.

For every traveler who is attracted by architecture, art or the history of Italy, a vacation in Mantua will be extremely interesting. The geographical location of the city makes it possible to include it in almost any tourist route that will run along the north of the peninsula. There are a large number of comfortable and spacious hotels with professional and friendly staff. The city of Mantua is home to many historic buildings and structures that are under the watchful eye and care of the government.
Real estate in Mantova is presented in the form of spacious and picturesque villas, stately estates and comfortable apartments.

In the province, you should definitely see the Basilica of St. Ander, which was built in the Middle Ages instead of the Benedictine monastery. It was rebuilt several times, changing its style and interior decoration. Only the outer façade has survived as the original architect Leon Batista Alberti saw it. Also worth seeing are Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo del Te.