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Province of Pavia in Italy, located in the region of Lombardy. The province is further divided into three smaller regions:

· Lomellina in the northwest of the province;
· South Oltrepo Pavese;
· North-east Pavese.
Pavia is the capital of the province of the same name, which is known throughout the country for its fertile soil.

The best developed agricultural industry in the province: spacious vineyards, rice fields, cereals, as well as all kinds of dairy products. Moreover, the province is the center of the Roman Catholic diocese.
The most popular and famous place in the province is Certosa. This is a monastery in Carthusan, which was built according to the requirements of Gian Visconti. The interior is replete with all kinds of art, such as frescoes, canvases and sculptures by masters such as Perugino, Bergognone and Guercino.
The majestic Duomo Cathedral is no less beautiful. It is noteworthy that its foundation was founded in 1488, construction lasted 410 years. The height of its dome is ninety-seven meters, which is slightly lower than that of St. Peter's Basilica and Santa Maria del Fiore.
The tomb of St. Augustine is very popular with visitors to Pavia.