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The province of Ascoli Piceno in Italy is part of the Marche region. This province has long been part of the papal region with the administrative center in the city of Ascoli Piceno.
The province has access to the shores of the Adriatic Sea; rivers such as the Azo and Trenthe flow through the territory of Ascoli Piceno. The western edge of the province is occupied by the Sibillin mountain range.
The first mention of this region can be found in the "Natural History" of Pliny the Elder.
Gradually, mountain peaks and hills are lowering, with the approach of the landscapes of the Adriatic. The hills are mostly composed of brittle sandstone and rocky rocks. A variety of fashionable resorts are located on the seashore, the main of which is considered to be the luxurious Benedetto del Tronto. This resort is very important for the entire economy of the region and its stable development. You can also visit places such as Grottammare and Cupra Marittima, which delight with their mild climate, warm sands and the sound of azure waves.
One of the famous inhabitants of the region is Giovanna Garzoni, a famous and very popular artist of the Baroque period. Also on the territory of Ascoli Piceno, Carlo Crivelli lived almost his entire life. In the province, you can visit the galleries dedicated to these outstanding personalities.