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Real estate in Alghero

Alghero Sassari, Sardinia, Italy is a wonderful place on the planet. The Italian island of Sardinia is called the divine foot, since according to legend, it was there that the foot of God first stepped.

This island is teeming with tourists at any time of the year, so a noisy crowd and a seething whirlpool of locals and visitors is the most familiar state for this area. But, surprisingly, there is a town on the island, which is located on the coast of Sardinia on the northwest side, which is somehow especially different from the whole island. The name of this town is Alghero, and it was ruled by the Spaniards for a long time, so it is even slightly different culturally from all the other cities close to it.

The history of Alghero begins in 1102, when the Genesue clan built a citadel in the bay of Rada di Alghero in order to defend themselves, since the Pisans could attack from the sea. After that, several centuries later, the city was recognized by the Spanish colony, and despite the fact that they tried to take Alghero from the Spaniards, no one succeeded until the 18th century. That is why this town differs from the whole mass of Italians and even the townspeople, in order to celebrate their individuality, they call their town little Barcelona. At the same time, the rule of the Spaniards, despite the fact that it no longer has power over the city for more than two centuries, still makes itself felt.

The streets are named in two languages, the locals speak exclusively in Catalan, but at the same time, they do not change the Italian cuisine. For tourists, the province of Sassaria, which is where the city of Alghero is located, is a real find, as there is an interesting mix of styles that cannot be found elsewhere. It's nice to stroll through the old quarters of Alghero in the evenings, they seem to have been written off from the most ordinary Catalan city - winding narrow and endless streets, modern restaurants and numerous buildings coexist very nicely with old shops.

The best time for tourism in this city is this May, as this is when the restaurants of little Barcelona get lobsters at the lowest prices of the year. But the sea will remain the main attraction of Alghero, as beautiful corals grow here, which can be found in processed form in all souvenir shops.

Local tourists are also interested in the price of real estate, since it is impossible not to want to stay in this city forever.

Location: Alghero
Buy real estate in Sardinia | Villa in Alghero
€ 1.300.000

Buy real estate in Sardinia | Villa in Alghero

Sales: Reference #295

Exclusive duplex villa with sea views in Alghero In a picturesque area, about 7 km from the city center. Alghero is an exclusive, two-story villa with sea views, with a total area of 300 square meters. On the ground floor...

Buy a house in Alghero, Sassari
€ 950.000

Buy a house in Alghero, Sassari

Sales: Reference #294

Villa in Alghero Sardinia Just 2.5 km. from Carrabuffas Alghero a beautiful villa with a contemporary-style pool on three levels. It consists of a ground floor of 170 square meters with a large living room, kitchen, two...

Buy House in Italy by the sea in Alghero
€ 1.300.000

Buy House in Italy by the sea in Alghero

Sales: Reference #291

Alghero Luxury Villa - Buy luxury real estate in Italy in Sardinia A few minutes from the airport and the city a beautiful villa with a pool. The house is on two floors. Ground floor: living room with open kitchen, 3 bedrooms...

Sardinia - Alghero - villa with pool and views of ...
€ 1.300.000

Sardinia - Alghero - villa with pool and views of ...

Sales: Reference #78

Sardinia real estate - Alghero - Luxury villa with pool Luxury villa with pool on the island of Sardinia, the village of La Scaletta, about 6 km. from the city of Alghero. Villa in a new building of about 220 sq.m on 2...

Sardinia real estate - Villa with pool Alghero, .....
€ 990.000

Sardinia real estate - Villa with pool Alghero, .....

Sales: Reference #40

Villa - Alghero with a rustic pool Villa 2.5 km from Alghero. Villa with a pool, in a rustic style, on three levels. Land in 170 sq.m. with a spacious living and dining room, open kitchen, two double beds, two bathrooms,...

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