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The province of Enna in Italy is the highest in the entire territory of the island of Sicily. Locals and those tourists who have been here deserve to call it the "Sicilian belvedere". The province is renowned for its magnificent landscapes, which include green vineyards, wheat fields and olive groves.
Another name for Enna is "Roman Sicily". The fact is that most of the local attractions belong to the period of Ancient Rome. The most popular is Villa di Casale, which is located near the town of Piazza Armerina.
On the territory of the province, there are often temples where the goddess of fertility, Demeter, was worshiped. Perhaps the prayers of the ancestors had their effect, since the area of Enna has been very fertile for more than one thousand years. Huge plantations of olives, oranges and grapes grow here.
In Enne, one of the most popular festivals is the Holy Week Procession. It starts exactly seven days before the start of Easter. During the celebration, a procession passes along the main street of the city, carrying images of the Virgin Mary in front of it. For those who wish to enjoy local folklore and traditions, it is definitely worth coming during this period.