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The province of Perugia in Italy is located in the Umbria region. The city of Perugia is the historical and administrative center of the region. The city is located on a hilly area from which you can view the entire Tiber Valley and the Trasimene Sea.
During the Renaissance, the Umbrian school produced unsurpassed masters like Perugino and Raphael Santi. For a long time, long bloody battles were fought over the territory, until in 1540 the province was annexed to the possessions of the Papal States. In 1797, the French named Perugia the center of the Tiberine Republic.
Even from the Etruscan era, some elements of walls, gates and chambers for the burial of the dead remained in the province. There is an archaeological center throughout Perugia, where you can see all the wonderful finds from the local lands.
In the center of the capital there is the unsurpassed Maggiore fountain, decorated with magnificent reliefs on a mythological motive. Near it is the medieval town hall, which was built at the end of the thirteenth century. Now there is an art museum inside. In the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, you can see the wedding ring of the Virgin Mary.
Despite the fact that Perugia is one of the smallest cities in the world, it has a metro line that is about four kilometers long.