Lake Como Lombardy region

There are many beautiful lakes in Italy. One of them is the most popular Lake Como. Do you know why? Because here many famous personalities and world celebrities have purchased real estate and enjoy the beauty and peace of these places.

For example, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bill Gates, Ronaldinho and a dozen other famous actors, politicians and businessmen like to relax here in their personal villa near Lake Como. Do you want to see how the villa of the stars is arranged? This is unlikely to work. It is hardly possible to enter their domain, but to look from afar is real.

But do not think that people come to Lake Como to stare at the houses of star people, they come here for the sake of Como itself.

Lake Como is a real treat for the eyes: old houses, Italian fishermen, mountains covered with greenery, lush vegetation along the coast. All together made the area around Como a real paradise Italian oasis, where many Italians aspire and dream of spending the rest of their lives. But for this you need to find a secluded corner on the coast, as crowds of tourists break the peace and quiet, although in the mornings, when there are few people, a real idyll reigns here.