Arma di Taggi in Italy and its 260-meter bridge

Arma di Taggia is one of the most interesting places in Liguria! Don't believe me?

This small resort town on the Riviera di Ponente on the shores of the Ligurian Sea is divided into two parts - the resort itself with luxurious sandy beaches and the historic center of Taggia, which lies on a small hill. Tourists love this town for its landscapes and the cozy atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

In Taj, you should definitely walk along the ancient Roman cobbled streets, admire the antique arches and gates, the towers of the ruined castle and numerous buildings on the historical streets.

But the pride of Arma di Taggi is a 260-meter bridge spanning a small inconspicuous stream Argentina. This large-scale structure is famous for its 16 arches that hold the bridge spans.

Don't forget to take a selfie with the bridge in the background!

The city has a train station, a couple of large department stores, small shops, a market and good hotels. From the local station, you can go to Nice, Monaco or Cannes. The road will take no more than two hours.

And if you want to settle here for a long time, write to me, I will select for you a couple - three options for decent housing!