Milan is the most dynamic city in Italy for the development of the real estate market

The Italian economy is based on the Lombardy region in Italy. Here are located the concerns of the world brands of cars "Alfa Romeo", helicopters "Augusta", motorcycles "MV Augusta", pistols "Beretta", liqueur "Amaretto di Saronno", smoking pipes "Savinelli".

But good news for women too - Lumbardia is a place where high fashion lives - the factories of Dolce Gabbana, Trussardi, Missoni. Gianni Versace lived and worked in Como.

Yes, Lombardy is the leader in terms of GDP, open sources mention a figure of more than 400 billion euros. And also Lombardy is a place where it is delicious to live: here the level of GDP per capita is 30% higher than in other parts of Italy. And, of course, many international and Italian companies have their headquarters here in Milan.

In past years, before the pandemic, the real estate market in Milan experienced demand not only from Russian buyers, but also from other foreigners. As the search engine for real estate purchase requests Yandex notes, Milan is in the top line of all cities and regions of Italy.

Why do people buy real estate here? They choose Lombardy for permanent and temporary residence while their children are studying in schools and prestigious universities. There are comfortable conditions for doing business here, due to high-quality medical care, transport accessibility not only to other regions of Italy, but also to neighboring countries.

This is why Milan is the only international city in Italy. Today, more than 15% of real estate in Milan belongs to foreigners who are attracted by a profitable investment in one of the world's most important strategic centers.

One more point to which I would like to draw your attention. In Milan, every sixth residential property is purchased for further lease. Demand creates supply, so prices sometimes go off scale.

And what areas of Milan should be considered for living is in the next article. Follow my news!