What is a preliminary agreement

I promised, I did! I promised to tell you about the preliminary contract, I tell you.

Let's start with how the search for housing is generally carried out. I have my own base and believe me, it is not small! Accommodation of any type: for permanent residence, temporary, rent, house, villa, apartment - whatever you come in. I am not limited to Italy alone, in my catalog France, Monaco.

And if nothing suits you, there will be a "call to a friend" - cooperation with another agent. Not all Italian agents welcome this because here there is a decrease in their commission. But, as in my experience, my base is enough for you to choose your paradise.

So, we have decided on the premises - I, as an Agent, check the documents, show them to the notary, and if everything is OK, we sign the preliminary contract BEFORE CONCLUDING THE DEAL.

A preliminary agreement under Italian law looks the same as a notary agreement. It contains all the necessary data about the object and the Agent's commission. I wrote about the size of the commission earlier - see the post above.

The preliminary agreement was signed, the commission was paid, they shook hands and parted. This is one option. How my agency works: - I try to bring my clients to the end of the deal. But more on that in the next post.

If you have any questions, write, I will answer!