How to buy real estate in Italy sitting on the couch

The coming new year 2021 did not bring the promised opening of the borders. Yes, this once again violated our travel plans, a trip to visit friends in Italy. But buying a home in this sunny country is not a problem. Even during a lockdown!

In this article, I will tell you about the most basic points on a distance transaction, believe me, this is very relevant now.

You are not the first to tread the trail in remote selling. Until last year, this method of sales was in demand, but so far. But in recent months there has been a clear demand for distance transactions. But you need to understand how it all works in Italy.

So, on the Internet, or by contacting a real estate agency in Italy or your country, you have chosen the property you like.

Then your realtor or buyer on their own (which I do not recommend!) Begins close communication: photos, videos, online negotiations. Be careful: it is not so important to see professional filming, but live, in an online show. You must see everything: the condition of the premises, the courtyard and the surrounding area, the road to the sea or to other places.

You have selected an object. He seemed worthy to you, you book and draw up a contract. The contract is sent by e-mail, prepayment is made (which is negotiated with the agency). Get ready for the deal.

Now about the power of attorney. It can be drawn up and certified by a notary as your realtor or third-party lawyer. You send a copy of the power of attorney by express mail to two addresses - the authorized person and the seller of the real estate. There are indulgences - sometimes a scan of the power of attorney by e-mail is enough.

We are preparing a basic agreement with all Appendices in two languages: native and Italian. Again, sending by e-mail or express mail for signature. We exchange signed contracts.