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Property in Riva Ligure

The small town of Riva Ligure, which is located on the Mediterranean coast, is a typical Ligurian town that is full of a special aura and tranquility. The city has a very convenient location, since the city of Sanremo is located 11 kilometers from it, the Imperia region is 15 kilometers away, and the city of Arma di Taggia is only about five kilometers away.

The Italian city of Riva Ligure is located along the sea coast and along an excellent palm alley. In addition to the beach and the cleanest sea, the city has something to offer its permanent residents and guests. So, for example, for lovers of long walks there is a special cycle track, which is located between the sea coast and the bushes. In addition, 15 kilometers from the city there is a large golf club Castellaro (9 holes for 33 par), which is open all year round, thanks to the warm and mild Mediterranean climate. In addition, not far from the golf club there is also a tourist port of Marina degli Aregai with 900 boat places at once.

All this allows you to turn Riva Ligure into a real paradise, where a comfortable life and good rest are really possible. Neither tourists, whose number is growing every year, nor wealthy businessmen, who increasingly pay attention to this small town on the Ligurian coast of Italy, could pass by such a paradise. Today, in this city, a large number of real estate objects are offered for sale to Italians and residents of other countries, among which one can single out both small apartments and luxurious villas. At the same time, in most cases, this property is located a few tens of meters from the sea, which allows you to create a magnificent view from the window and creates all the conditions for pleasant walks along the coast during sunset or dawn.

And can there be anything better for a good rest away from the noise of modern civilization? If you are interested in the possibility of acquiring real estate in the city of Riva Ligure or in any other city on the Ligurian coast of Italy, then our company will help you with the selection of specific objects and the execution of various documents. We have extensive experience in this area and can guarantee complete security and confidentiality of real estate transactions in Italy.

Apartments 50 meters from the sea in Riva Ligure
€ 210.000

Apartments 50 meters from the sea in Riva Ligure

Sales: Reference #3934

Apartment on 2 floors in Riva Ligure The apartments are located in the historical center of Riva Ligure, just 50 meters from the sea. The apartment is 100 square meters. meters on 2 floors. On the ground floor there are...

Apartment 100 meters from the beaches of Riva Ligu...
€ 129.000

Apartment 100 meters from the beaches of Riva Ligu...

Sales: Reference #3922

Apartment in Riva Ligure with sea view Beautiful and spacious apartment in the center of Riva Ligure with sea view. In excellent condition and fully furnished. Third floor without elevator. Central heating. The apartment...

Apartment in Riva Ligure by the sea
€ 140.000

Apartment in Riva Ligure by the sea

Sales: Reference #3808

Apartment by the sea in Riva Ligure Apartment in Riva Ligure on the first coastline. Fully furnished and ready to move in. Consists of: living room with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom with shower, dressing room, balcony with...

Apartment by the sea in Riva Ligure
€ 225.000

Apartment by the sea in Riva Ligure

Sales: Reference #3789

Apartment with sea view in Riva Ligure For sale a new apartment in Riva Ligure. Located in a quiet area surrounded by greenery, very close to the beaches. Spacious one bedroom apartment is very sunny with open sea views.

Riva Ligure villa with sea view
€ 583.000

Riva Ligure villa with sea view

Sales: Reference #2831

Riva Ligure villa for sale Buy a villa in Riva Ligure with sea views on the Italian Riviera. Villa 140 m2 with underfloor heating, smart home system and alarm. Garage 60 m2, non-residential premises 120 m2, garden 1700...

New villa near the sea in Riva Ligure
€ 1.095.000

New villa near the sea in Riva Ligure

Sales: Reference #2610

Villa with sea views in Riva Ligure Buy a new villa near the sea in Riva Ligure, Empire Province, Liguria region. Villa with an area of 500 square meters. m, consists of four levels. Basement: utility rooms and basement,...

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