They talk about food all the time!

"Do not make a cult out of food!" - said Ostap Bender

It seems to me that cuisine, especially national cuisine, is not in vain related to the culture of the country and characterizes the country. Gluttony and mindless overeating is one thing, but talking about food is already a culture and an art. Why, food, wine, these are sacred topics! We can talk about this as much as we can!

In my opinion, Italians just generally like to chat! And the topic of food is absolutely inexhaustible.

And what else to talk about, except about food and weather, which would concern absolutely everyone? In Italy, we often freak out about how seriously and for how long Italians can discuss FOOD. They will stand in a circle and let's chat about what a delicious oxtail they have learned in the new trattoria: "Mario, you must go there! But the teramissa was not very good. It's all because they put the wrong biscuit. I make it better at home. Wait, I'll tell you how to do it. You take the eggs..."

It's okay that Mario is a man. In Italy, discussing culinary matters with men is more than normal. They actually come home and cook.

Italians are picky about food. This is by no means fashionable diets and the rejection of everything in the world. It's just a different approach to food. They are interested in: what this dish is made of, where this artichoke grew and where this goat ran. There is, of course, the process of preparation. How exactly to cook artichokes, What to squeeze out of them the maximum taste?

Every Italian has his own favorite restaurant. Each region has its own types of pasta and sauces for them. That's why in Italy it's not enough to see what's on your plate. People come to a restaurant, choose a dish and have a long discussion with the waiter about the origin of the products, the method of preparation and the history.

I like such conversations, moreover, I appreciate the Italians for such an approach to gastronomic pleasures.

Are there gourmets among you?