How much does it cost to furnish a house in Italy


Calculating the cost of furnishing a new home in Italy

Are you planning to buy a house in Italy and the process is already in progress? But then the question suddenly arises: how much will it cost to furnish the house? This is the option when you want to have everything to your taste.

The questions immediately arise: where to buy? If you want to do without an expensive designer, then there are many sites for repairing and finding furniture.

I haven't used it, but some people buy furniture and make repairs through eBay. Many Italians make purchases through online platforms, which saves a lot of time and often money.

So how much does it cost to furnish a house in Italy? Of course, all statistics are quite approximate and depend on the needs and the region.

Future owners or tenants in Italy who want to equip their homes are guided by an average of 800-1000 euros. This includes: Typically, interior alterations to adapt the home to your taste, painting the walls, changing the bedroom, or making improvements to the bathroom.

Nearly all of those interviewed said they had invested in new furniture to renovate their home. The average purchase price for many has reached around 800 euros. Main expenses for household appliances: dishwasher and washing machine, refrigerator are the main purchases when moving to a new home.