Where to live for a student in Italy


Where to live for a student in Italy

There are a lot of students in Italy and the question always arises where to stay to live. Don't worry, I'm here to help you find your place in Italy.

I suggest looking at several housing options to find the best one.

Option one - host families. This option is suitable for learning the language and getting to know the local culture and lifestyle.

Option two is a room in an apartment. Plus, your rent will be less. and having neighbors is fun.

Option three is a hostel. This is a great option to meet fellow students, live an affordable price, live close to the school, and save money on travel.

The fourth option is apartments. This option is for those who prefer personal space and are willing to pay the rent. Where can I find housing?

Do not hesitate to ask friends who already have experience of living abroad for advice, study local real estate sites or contact me, I will help you find a place to live.

Some tips for finding accommodation. Once you find a suitable home online, the landlord will likely ask for a deposit. Visit and view this property first, or ask a friend to do it for you before donating money. A good way to avoid scams is to get an idea of the typical apartments in the area. If the place looks too good for that price, it is probably a scam. Be careful and attentive!