Why do you need a residence permit in Italy.


Residence permit in Italy

After you have bought a property in Italy, you have a choice: to do or not to do a residence permit in Italy.

First, you can save 7% on taxes. Since, if you request benefits from the Italian state in a notarial deed of sale, you are entitled to only 2% instead of 9% of taxes on the total cadastral value. This is called buying your first home.

Secondly, if you have found money to buy real estate in Italy, then you have the amounts of money that will help you immigrate to Italy without any problems.

Thirdly, everyone dreams of crossing Europe without visa problems and constant queues. You get a type D visa only once in Moscow, at the Visa Application Center and that's it! Then we will do all the prolongation for you in Italy.

Therefore, immigration to Italy is by far one of the most common options. Today, many people who have not realized themselves in their native country want to try to prove themselves and reach some heights in other countries.