Buying a house on lease in Italy


Rental housing in Italy with the possibility of redemption

Are you looking for different options for purchasing real estate?
Do you dream of buying property in Italy, but you are a little bit out of your budget?
My advice: consider rent-to-own, the best alternative to long-term renting and buying real estate.
What it is?
The option of renting with the option to buy housing is by far the easiest and most convenient way for those who want to buy a house. And if you are the owner, then this option also has many advantages for the seller.
How is it arranged?
Buying a house with a leasing option involves two contracts: a regular lease, but at a cost of almost twice the normal price, and an option contract to buy in 3-5 years.
If you are thinking about buying a rent-to-own property in Italy, you should seriously consider your options. To help me, upon your request, I will prepare a list of the best tenants in the best places in Italy to buy property.