How much is life in Italy? We distribute the family budget

In this article, we will calculate the costs of Italians for housing and transport and something else.

So, about housing.

If an Italian family rents a property, the rental price varies from location, region, province, home location. If we compare Rome, then renting an average apartment here will cost from 700 to 1000 euros. And in a less popular place you can rent for 350 euros. Even in the region itself, in different cities, rental prices vary greatly. But what is the region, in the city itself the prices are very different: Milan in the center will cost 1100 euros, and on the outskirts you can bargain for 600 euros.

Therefore, the average citizen of Italy spends about 60% of his salary on rent, utilities, electricity, water, taxes and all kinds of bills. In Italy, electricity and heating are expensive. A small family pays an average of 40 euros for water.

Transport in Italy

I will not quote prices, as the cost of travel in public transport is low, in the region of 1-2 euros. There are travel cards for a day, a week. A personal car is a costly business, it all depends on the frequency of use. The average cost of gasoline is 1.6 euros per liter.

Train travel is very common in Italy, it is profitable to buy tickets in advance, this can save up to 30% of the cost.

Other expenses. If you have a residence permit, residents receive free medical care, but even without a residence permit, you can partially receive free services. Education in schools is free, but they pay for textbooks - this is about 350 euros per year.

If you have a dog, be prepared to pay a tax of around € 50 per year.

The steps of your house in a public place also cost money))) Pay more for a TV-about 120 euros per year. Even if you do not include it))) Calculate the cost of mobile communications. Entertainment: theaters. Amusement park, football and other sports activities.

Now you know where the money flows from the Italian wallet.