Properties in the mountains


Real estate in the mountains of Italy and France

If not everyone, then many people dream of owning a property in the mountains. Elite real estate in Liguria, a prestigious resort region in northern Italy, is especially popular with wealthy Europeans. This Italian region is a harmonious combination of rich vegetation and a unique mountain landscape with steep cliffs and picturesque bays.

It is worth buying a villa or a luxury chalet in the Ligurian Alps just to feel the beauty and uniqueness of this extraordinary place.{CUT}

How nice it is to wake up in a secluded house in the mountains and see from the windows the breathtaking landscapes of endless mountain peaks covered with snow-white caps of glaciers and evergreen forests that shimmer in the sun with all the shades of the rainbow.

Several fashionable ski resorts have been built in the mountains of Liguria, where many skiing enthusiasts, climbers, speleologists and tourists come all year round to admire the virgin mountain nature, the purest lakes, see the legendary Ashoya waterfalls, and visit the famous Toirano caves. Here you can buy an apartment in any of the comfortable residential complexes or a cozy house near the ski slopes.