Pitigliano - a celestial Italian ghost town in South Tuscany

There are many such mysterious places in Italy. But today is a special city, I liked it very much, you will never forget such a place! Like any other in Italy, believe me!)))

Pitigliano - a celestial Etruscan-medieval ghost town in the Grossetto province of South Tuscany

This city is set in rocks at 400 meters above sea level, it bears the status of a state national park with a unique nature! A city of natural rocks and caves, built by human hands. The height of the walls of these man-made stone passages in some places reaches twenty meters! You can imagine that these roads, houses in caves were built with tools that could have been available two and a half thousand years ago. Isn't that impressive?

There is the Chiesa di San Rocco church in Pitigliano, and the legends about Saint Roch, to whom this church is dedicated, are very interesting. I will not tell a legend, when you visit the city, be sure to drop by and read about the dog who saved during the plague.


Also noteworthy is the medieval Jewish ghetto. Jews fled to Pitigliano after being persecuted in Rome. Their ghetto was very prosperous; there is a Synagogue that is still in operation.

And the ancient Romanesque cathedral with a huge bell tower was built in the Middle Ages in honor of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Pitigliano's courtyards are well maintained and carefully decorated with flowers and greenery. Here you can feel the breath of life that has not left the ancient city.

I have an indelible impression on this city, I hope, and you will be delighted with visiting the ghost town.