Can we speak Italian?

No one argues that Italian is very beautiful, but not very popular among Russians. But it is much easier for a Russian to pronounce Italian words than English or, God forbid, French))) Italians are very emotional and love when they even try to speak with them in their native language, especially Russians))) the two languages have a lot in common.

For example, everyone's favorite "ciao" is a greeting with friends. Interesting fact: That this "ciao" is used by Italians both when meeting and when parting)) Easy to remember!))

Also, Italians often use "Salve" - greetings.

If you want to thank the interlocutor - say "Grazie" to which "Prego" will answer you, that is, thank you. Everything is very simple)

We often like to say "not at all" in response. In Italian there is an analogue: "Di niete"

That's when you come to Italy, and, of course, want to be treated like a local, then remember a few popular phrases.

“Come sta?” - how are you doing?

"Piacere" - nice to meet you

“Bene” is good! "Tutto bene!" - very good

"Sono" - I have ... and then there are a lot of options, you can even describe your whole life from the cradle)))

"In bocca al lupo –Crepi il lupo" - Not a feather, or "To hell!" True, a familiar expression?)))) And if literally translated from Italian, it turns out that they want you to feel as calm and confident as the cubs in the mouth of a wolf mother. We recall the story of Romulus and Remus, fed by a she-wolf.

If you are tired of communicating, and you are already tired of straining yourself and remembering Italian words, and you are thinking to get off and send your interlocutor to hell, then just say: “Vai a farti benedire” - that is, literally: what would you be blessed. So soft, not rude and intelligible!)))

Or "Vai a guel paese" - it's like: yes, you go in that direction, this is literal, but figuratively, it's about where you wanted to send!)))

Well, now you are armed and know pretty well to start communicating. You will be in Italy, it will come in handy. I advise you to continue learning the words, they will open the borders anyway!