Liguria-province of Italy


How many of you were in Liguria, in Italy? Who knows where Liguria is?

We find on the map the Ligurian Sea and along the coast is perhaps the most beautiful region of Italy - Liguria! The name of the region is as melodic, soft as the whole of Italy.

Not only Italians, but all the tourists of the world dream of rest here))) Visitors who are greedy for beauty and sights dream of taking a walk in old Genoa, listening to musical hits in San Remo, wandering around the back streets of the colorful Cinque Terra park, trying super delicious Italian cuisine. For beach lovers, it is one pleasure to sunbathe on the most beautiful beaches and get a lot of super impressions.

For the curious, the name of the region of Liguria comes from the Ligurs, very ancient peoples living on these lands. When Italy became one common territory, the Ligurs mixed with the Romans and ceased to exist as a separate nation. Surely, the ancestors of the Ligurs remained somewhere and they anxiously keep the traditions of their nation.

Have you met real Ligurs?