Property in Chieti Italy

The province of Chieti is part of the Abruzzo region on the very coast of the Adriatic Sea. The terrain of the region is mountainous and abounds in hills. The Maella ridge passes through Chieti, which is considered the highest mountainous region of the Apennines. The area is full of dense forests and deep valleys with fast flowing rivers. On the coast, you can find both sandy and pebble beaches. Morsike landscapes are harmoniously complemented by rocky rocks at the very edge of the water. In the south of Chieti there are coniferous forests, where you can find valuable tree species such as Acer Iobelii or Pinus nigra.

The capital of the region is the city of Chieti.

The province has a very rich and interesting history. There is a legend that says that in 1181 BC. NS. Chieti was founded by Achilles himself, and another city of Vasto by Diomedes. In the area where Lanciano now stands, people lived for many thousands of years BC. NS. Fishing has been well developed here since the 18th century, along the coast you can find old ports and special wooden systems - Trabocchi.

Agriculture is best developed here: there are a large number of vineyards, as well as olive orchards, from which oil is later made.

Chieti has many different museums and galleries, where you can get acquainted with the cultural and historical development of the province. Also worth a visit are the Roman Baths at Lanciano, the Galleries at Vasto and the Guardiagrelle Civic Museum.