Properties in Matera

The province of Matera is one of the provinces of Basilicata, located in the southeastern region of the region near the Ionian Sea. Mountain ranges in the east gradually descend to hilly areas and plains, ending at the sea coast.

In Matera you can find natural parks and reserves like San Giuliano, Calanci, Gallipoli Cognato and part of Pollino Park.

The capital of the province is the city of Matera. In 1927, the province seceded from Potenzi and became independent.

There are several cities and villages where, for various reasons, economic and natural, there are practically no residents left, making real estate in this area very affordable. In the abandoned city of Krako, there are various film and television studios, where a large number of filming takes place.

Matera has a well-developed agriculture: many fertile vineyards yield excellent wine, and fertile fields yield various grains.

The province has an object that has been listed as a cultural heritage - Sassi di Matera. These are terraced vineyards that connect with narrow streets and brick houses embedded in karst. Anyone who will drive around Matera must visit this amazing place and enjoy its beauty.