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The province of Cosenza is located in the Calabria region between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, which are washed by its shores. The mountains Pollino and Sila Greka pass through Cosenza, making the terrain more mountainous. The largest plain is Sibari, and the valley is Krati.

In Cosenza there is a small part of the Sila nature reserve and the Pollino park.

The provincial capital is Cosenza, one of the oldest cities in the country. Good-natured and pleasant people live here, who are glad to all guests of Italy.

In the province, you must visit the Hohenstaufen castle, which was built by the Normans. It is the main attraction in all of Cosenza. It is located on the top of a hill, offering an amazing landscape to the surrounding area.

In Corigliano Calabro, another old castle of Corigliano is worth visiting.

An important site in the province is the monastery of St. Francis of Assisi, built by the Benedictine order in the eleventh century. It was destroyed several times by earthquakes and wars, but it was constantly rebuilt. The most popular religious shrine in the province is the icon of Our Lady, painted in the 12th century. According to legends, this icon saved the local population from the plague epidemic that raged in the region in the 16th century.