Property in Crotone

Property for sale: houses, villas, apartments in Crotone, Calabria region

Crotone is a province of Italy located near the Ionian Sea. The capital of the region is called Crotone and is located on the coast.

On the territory of Crotone there is a dam and a spacious reservoir Ampollino, which is one of the largest in the country.

The Capo Rizzuto reserve is located on the sea coast, which covers an area of about 13 thousand hectares.

The origin of the province's name has an interesting legend. According to Ovid, Hercules, after his next campaign, decided to found a small town in honor of his good friend Croton, whom he himself inflicted a mortal wound.

The capital of the province is the castle of Charles V, which was built in the sixteenth century. On a small island is the Aragonese castle of Le Castella, which is connected to the peninsula by a small strip of land accessible only to footmen.

For those who want to buy property in Crotone, it is useful to know that there is also a famous winery, where such popular brands as Ciro, Librandi and others are produced. According to legend, the wine from these vineyards was the prize for the Olympic winners. A tasting trip is a great way to entertain your everyday life.