Real estate in Rome

Property for sale: house, apartment, villa in the province of Rome, Lazio region of Italy

Rome is a glorious province in Italy that is part of the Lazio region. Most of the territory is occupied by the Roman agglomeration. The western shores are washed by the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The climate of the province changes smoothly, depending on the territory. The Mediterranean climate reigns on the sea coast, the continental begins deeper. In the east, precipitation falls much more often and in greater quantities.

During a visit to Rome, everyone is obliged to do the following:
1. Feel the thrill and excitement of the very stay on the territory of the Colosseum.
2. Drink drinking water from a public fountain, like a resident of the empire under the rule of Nero.
3. Explore the landscape of Rome, standing on the Palatine Hill, like the ancient founders of the city.
4. Throw a coin, making a wish, into the Trevi Fountain.
5. Walk along the fortress wall of the majestic San Angelo, enjoying the power of this place and the magnificent views of the "Eternal City".

Order yourself a full-fledged Italian lunch with the best national dishes, washing it down with aromatic, red or white wine.
You can talk about the beauty of the province and the city forever, but it is better to contemplate them every day if you first purchase a comfortable real estate for yourself, such as a villa, a manor house or spacious apartments.