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The province of Lodi is part of the Lombardy region of Italy. Lodi is located halfway between the Alps and the Apennines. The province occupies an area in the center of the river valley and has an almost classic countryside. Poplar, oak and chestnut grow here in large numbers.
The climate in Lodi affects the abundance of water in the province: the mountains that completely surround the river valley do not let outside winds here, which is why the humidity here is very high in summer, and in winter the area is covered with a dense and thick layer of fog. Thanks to this climate, agriculture is developing here just fine.

The local government and residents are very fond of holding small social and entertainment events related to the agricultural everyday life of the province. This not only helps people to relax, but also contributes to better environmental protection.
On the territory of Lodi there are a large number of routes, both hiking, cycling and horseback riding. Sitting in a canoe and going down the river, you can view and study the ancient monuments of architecture and the history of the province.
The most famous natives of Lodi are Ada Negri, a poet and writer, and Franchino Gafuri, an eminent music theorist and composer.