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The province of Biella in Italy is part of the Piedmont region. The city of Piedmont is the capital of the province. It is located on the colorful Cervo River, which is practically at the foot of the Alps. Biella is located in the northwestern part of the region.
The province's economy is developing mainly due to industrial enterprises that manufacture a variety of industrial goods.
On the territory of Biella there are some of the largest nature reserves, where rare and unique plant species grow and no less rare animals live. The largest is the Oasi Zegna park, where spruces, beeches, birches, junipers, rhododendrons and more grow. Deer, chamois, ermines, golden eagles and a wide variety of insects live on the territory of the reserve.

The first mention of Biella can be found in the document of Louis the Pious. For the province, very often clashes broke out between the Milanese nobles and the house of Savoy due to the fact that there was a large center for spinning wool.
The area is very rich in ancient monuments, in particular it is worth mentioning the cathedral church, built in 1402, the Romanesque baptistery of the tenth century, various temples of the Renaissance. You should definitely visit the Sacro Monte di Oropa monastery complex, which is included in the UNESCO list.