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The province of Lecce is part of the Puglia region, Italy. The administrative center of the province is the town of Lecce. The province is located on the Salentina Peninsula.

The city of Lechcheb was founded by the ancient tribes of the Messapians, to one of the first peoples on the peninsula. Few local neighborhoods were taken under the control of Roman troops. From their presence here remained a spacious amphitheater, which was found during archaeological excavations in the old part of the city. In addition to him, here you can also visit the ancient Roman thermal baths, aqueducts, as well as the temples of the pagan tribes. With the arrival of the Normans, Lecce developed into an important and large commercial region of the peninsula.
Not far from the commune of Nardo, in small caves, tools of the Uluzzo tribes, which are more than 45 thousand years old, have been discovered.
Lecce has a wide variety of cultural and historical attractions that have survived here since ancient times. Even one day is not enough to fully inspect all the important places of the city and even more so the province.
First of all, it is worth visiting the Cathedral, which is located on the Duomo Square. This cathedral was erected in the XII century, and then underwent a global reconstruction in the seventeenth century. The bell tower of the cathedral is at a height of seventy meters.