Real estate in Taranto

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The province of Taranto in Italy is located in the Puglia region. The capital is the pretty city of Taranto, which is considered one of the most important ports in the region, because it is here that the base of the Italian Navy is located.
The city is located on the coast of the Gulf of Tarentum and has a unique geographical location. The landscape of the province was formed during the long flooding of the coastal region. As a result, a peninsula emerged, which separates two spacious bays, which are connected only in a narrow channel.
The climate of the province is Mediterranean, which ensures warm winters and hot dry summers.
A narrow area of the peninsula was previously blocked off by a defensive rampart, which allowed the ancient Greek colonies that were located here to feel completely protected and careless.
Taras, the old name of the city of Taranto, was founded by Spartan colonists back in 706 BC.
The magnificent climate and beautiful seascapes have made this province an ideal place to live. Real estate here is presented in the form of villas, estates and spacious apartments that have unrivaled views and comfortable conditions.
Numerous ruins have survived here from the first colonists, as well as the Romans who later conquered this land.