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The province of Nuoro is the second largest province in Italy in the Sardinia region. Nuoro is located in the eastern part of the island, and has access to the warm Tyrrhenian Sea. Most of the region is covered with dense forests, green hills and high mountains. Despite the natural beauty of the province, it is one of the least populated in the country. Only 1% of the entire territory is occupied by human settlements. Nuoro is unspoilt with nature reserves, beautiful mountains and warm beaches. Also, Nuoro is considered one of the oldest provinces in the country.
Most often, people go here who want to spend time calmly and secluded, away from the strong bustle of megacities. You should definitely visit the Punta la Marmora peak, which offers an unrivaled view of almost the entire island. On the territory of the reserves live griffon vultures, forest cats, golden eagles, eagles and other rare species of animals.
In Nuoro, you should also see the Church of San Simplicio, which was built in the twelfth century, as well as the Duomo Cathedral, Ottana and other ancient sites.
Among the many beaches in the province, Cape Comino and Santa Lucia are the best places to visit, as well as the world famous resort La Marina di Orosei.