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Province of Sassari in Italy, located in the northwestern region of the island of Sardinia. It is the largest in terms of area among the rest of the provinces of Sardinia. The administrative center is the large and populous city of Sassari.
The province has a very advantageous location, which helped the locals more than once to challenge their independence against the invaders from Aragon, Austria and Pisa. Only in the 19th century, fortifications ceased to be so necessary. Now they have turned into beautiful medieval sights with their high impregnable walls and a fortress that was built in the fourteenth century. Numerous underground tunnels have been discovered underground, which will soon become accessible to everyone.
People lived on the territory of Sassari five thousand years ago, as evidenced by the Ziggurat near Monte d'Accoddi, which is more than 4800 years old.
The province is famous for its beautiful coral beaches, which is why a large number of tourists come here. The service sector has become the main source of income for local residents.
The Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Fountain of Di Rosello, and the Church of the Virgin Mary are worth a visit.