Real estate in Florence

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The world fame of the province of Florence was brought precisely by its capital, which became the lullaby of the Renaissance. The only drawback of the province is that in one short trip you will not be able to see all the beautiful places and enjoy the splendor and masterpieces of Florence. There is a great variety of different galleries, museums, palaces, churches and cathedrals, each of which contains the real masterpieces of the best masters of Italy. The historic center of Florence has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The entire territory of the province has a mild and uniform continental climate. The area of Florence is permeated by foothills and valleys, as well as the Apennines mountain range.
The smaller towns of the province, such as Marradi, Certaldo, Fiesole and Vinci, do not lag behind in their beauty. Here you can find old ruins of Roman buildings, an interesting museum of the master Leonardo da Vinci, as well as explore Boccaccio's house or Villa Vignamaggio, where Mona Lisa is said to have lived.
The most developed is precisely the rural industry, in particular - winemaking. The landscape of the region is only decorated with long and spacious green vineyards, which allow local masters to create both world-famous brands of wine and more modest, but no less delicious varieties.
Florence's landscapes are typical of the Tuscany region.