Little known Italy

Italy, about which few people know, but after you read the article, you definitely want to go there.

Experienced tourists and beginners, when asked about Italy, call the big cities: Venice, Florence, Rome or Milan, these are Italy's calling cards.

Yes. these cities remained in the hearts of many. Even almost two hundred years ago, Stendhal burst into tears in Florence, feeling the energy and beauty of this incredible city. But let's take a walk through the small non-tourist cities of Italy. Believe me, there are a lot of them and they are great!

Atrani, Campania region. A small village, lost in the rocks and stretching along the coast of the Tirenian Sea, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Saluzzo, Piedmont region. Saluzzo is located at the very foot of the Alps, was once the capital of an independent state ruled by the Marquises of Aleramichi. Now it is a heavenly place for lovers of Gothic architecture and very nice brick houses with picturesque tiled roofs. Saluzzo is located just an hour from Turin

Collodi, Tuscany region. Collodi hid between Florence and Pisa. What is he famous for? The famous Carlo Collodi was born here. Remember the fairy tale about Pinocchio? This he wrote.