Where to settle in Italy to enjoy living

A short overview of Italian real estate where, in my opinion, you would like it. Italy is great, there are places where it is worth buying property and enjoying life.

But, before you start looking for your place in Italy, it is worth noting: evaluate your capabilities, how much you expect, whether you will have a stable income. Where do you want to live: house, apartment or small apartment.

I wrote that the most expensive city is Rome. There are unreasonably high housing prices and hard work.

I advise the beautiful Ravenna, a city of mosaics, sights, beautiful and diverse landscapes and a beach on the Adriatic Sea. This city is considered the third in Italy in terms of status and size. Ravenna is one of nine provinces in the Emilia-Romagna region in northeastern Italy.

Not far from Rome there is a wonderful Rieti. Right there in the province of Lazio. This place is considered the geographical center of Italy. The city is small, it has a measured life. But if you want to shake things up, you can always drive to Rome.

And if you drive to the Emilia-Romagna region, then you can settle in cozy Parma. This is a quiet and comfortable town, with delicious cuisine and very affordable real estate prices.

And one more location - Turin. The local real estate at prices is even very inexpensive, corresponding to the standard of living and developed infrastructure. There are places to spend time in the city, educate your children or grandchildren, or simply enjoy the leisurely Italian life.

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