Easter week in Italy

Easter - Italians spend this religious holiday in the church or on the square in front of it, listening to a sermon that lasts an hour and a half. But this is a prelude. You and I know that the main thing is the Easter Italian table, which is bursting with goodies.

The main thing on the table is Easter cake with sugar-almond icing, which literally translates as a dove. Beans, salami, capocollo, goat cheese, olives, artichokes with all possible sauces, sun-dried tomatoes are served for an appetizer. And what about the main course? That's right: homemade pasta with lamb sauce. Usually the meat is cooked in its own juice with the addition of spices, carrots and onions.

It's time for dessert!

Pastiera from shortbread dough stuffed with ricotta, candied fruits and boiled wheat and kuddura cookies in the shape of a circle, fish, pigeons, braids with a boiled egg woven inside. Interestingly, the number of eggs in a kuddur is always odd. The most popular tradition is to give each other Easter eggs. So the Italians did not stand aside! They cook chocolate eggs with a surprise.

Would you like to try something from the Italian holiday table?