Villa Groca in Liguria

Who has heard of Villa Groka? So, in the city of Imperia, on the Ligurian coast, there is a luxurious Villa Grock with a park and pavilions. ⠀

Grock, a Swiss clown, bought it in 1920 and lived in it for the rest of his life. How did the Swiss clown get to Liguria? - you ask. Whoever has been to Italy will understand the clown: climate, stunning nature, azure sea, Italian cuisine. ⠀

So Charles Adrien Wettat (Grock), once visiting the Empire, was so fascinated that he bought Villa Bianca and transformed it according to his non-standard taste. After the death of the artist, the villa was renamed in his honor, and it became known as "Villa Grock". Now the clown museum is open in the villa, on three floors of which not only the maestro's work is told, but also the art of clownery in general is shown. As I said, the villa is located in the city of Imperia, which in itself is very interesting in terms of attractions, and a visit to the resort can be combined with an excursion to the villa.

Who heard earlier about Villa Groka? Or maybe someone also wants to buy a villa in the Empire? So I'll be happy to help you! And we'll name the villa after you, What? This is an idea!