About funny Italians and their lifestyle 2021

Italians know how to live for their own pleasure, savoring every day they live!

You marry in May - you will toil all your life - this is so in Russia.
And Italians do not get married on Fridays, they often choose Monday or Tuesday. This is their old tradition.

Oh, and they love hugs! There is nothing unusual about when during a conversation they take your hand, hug it - this is normal and usually, do not shy away. Yes, for the Russians it is strange, but they are pleased))).

Italians are sweethearts! If they see a woman, they scatter in compliments ... and leave. They cannot pass silently past beauty. Funny and cute.

Many people think that Italians are lazy. Although they get up early, they finish work in the afternoon. No, of course, they can work until the evening, but the siesta is sacred! Yes, and lunch can stretch for three hours. Therefore, everything that is done after dinner is no longer work.

Shops in Italy are open until 20:00 maximum. This is not round-the-clock Moscow before the pandemic!)))

And in secret - the Italians are a very cunning people. Overtaking or climbing out of line is normal)

And what did you notice in the character of the Italians?

Ask your questions about Italy in the comments! I will gladly share the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated during my friendship with this warm country.