Tuscany Florence

I never get tired of writing about each region of Italy in enthusiastic exclamations !!! It is difficult to distinguish the region from the others! Each of them is unique.⠀

Tuscany is a place of unique historical richness. It is located in the central part of the country and which, in turn, consists of 10 provinces. Its territory stretches from the Apennine mountains to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.⠀

Tuscany is a real historical and cultural encyclopedia, there are so many historical places that it occupies many pages in the UNESCO World Heritage List.⠀

It is also the birthplace of Dante and Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci... and Chianti, whose popularity still brings the region a steady income. Tuscany is the queen of red wines and the mother of all good white wines. Winemaking is in the blood here! Some noble families were engaged in winemaking in these parts even before the Renaissance. By the way, despite the generosity of Italian gastronomy, it is customary to serve expensive wines here without an appetizer. Accompanying a glass of such exquisite wine is perhaps a bunch of grapes and pleasant communication! The countryside of Tuscany is suitable for lovers of peace and quiet, and fans of beach holidays and diving - the coast of the region and the island of Elba, famous not only for the last refuge of Napoleon, but also for the clear sea with coral reefs. In this case, Napoleon can be envied)))

The sea coast of Tuscany impresses with the beauty of its long sandy beaches, the succession of which is replaced by steep rocky shores and steep, sometimes sheer, capes.⠀

I advise! Tuscany is a must not only to visit, but also to live!