Top 5 Must-See Places in Italy

Friends, I have found for you five places in Italy that you must see. Then tell your friends about them, they will be happy!

The town of Trulli Alberobello on the Adriatic coast, province of Bari. The town has funny trulli buildings - small white stone houses with conical roofs. By the way, this city is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Then visit Siena, the center of the province of Tuscany. The city is located near Florence. What to see - paintings and felting works of the Renaissance.

Amalfi is a fabulous town in Italy, descended from the pages of the novel. Here you can admire the sea, rocks, vegetation, landscape, as well as sights. I advise you to visit Amalfi from July to September, the most beautiful time of the year.

Blue Grotto in Capri. The cave is about 50 m long and 150 m deep. Due to the unusual lighting, the water in the grotto resembles scattered sapphire crystals. Well, very beautiful!

Frasassi Caves - this underground kingdom of Italy was discovered by speleologists in 1971. And now the quiet corner of Ancona has become known all over the world. The length of the underground grottoes is about 13 km. There are waterfalls, underground rivers and whole lakes. In short, these caves are the greatest creation in Europe and a must see1