Where is the best place to live in Italy?


I am often asked: which province, city in Italy to choose to live?

If you decide to change something in your life and connect the future with a wonderful country like Italy once and for all, then this article is for you!

Do you love the sea, endure the heat, do not get tired of noisy Italians, how much capital you have in your account, what are you going to do, do you count on income, open a business, think about your own house or apartment - these are the questions that should be answered before looking for a home.

Each province, city of Italy is not similar to each other, there are pros and cons.

ROME - this city in Italy will require a "heavy" wallet, and work is not so simple. But the center of the world)))

The Lazio region for lovers of the view from the window - there are amazing landscapes here.

Do you want to live in the heels of an Italian boot? This is the best place for lovers of delicious gastronomy. If you are an adventurous comrade, your field of action for investment in this region.

If you are not going to work in Italy, but enjoy the sea and the sun, then you are straight to Sicily. The climate, the sea with its endless shores, delicious food. And the cost of housing is quite at the level of price-quality

You are a romantic by nature - think of Veneto. Not all cities in the province with an expensive standard of living, for example, Verona, Belluno with a high standard of living, and the cost of real estate is much lower. By the way, apartments in Verona are inferior in value to other cities in the region.

If you want everything at once: medieval palaces, delicious cuisine, truffles - then the direct road to Piedmont. Besides Turin, there are other cities in the region where the standard of living is quite high. Did you know that the inhabitants of Piedmont are well-earned from all over Italy, this is so, a hint!)))

I understand it is very difficult to decide on a place on the map of Italy! My advice is to come on vacation and live in different regions, and there the case will turn up.

And I will continue to tell you about the best places in Italy.