Ospedaletti is a city for active people!

The city of Ospedaletti is an economical Liguria, steep slopes and gentle sea!

What makes the town happy is the pleasant climate, delightful landscapes, it is convenient to get to the Ligurian cities. But the highlight is that there is a 24 km cycle and pedestrian path connecting 8 Ligurian communes!

For tourists, all hotels are mostly three-star, not full of luxury and splendor, hidden in the shade of numerous thickets and located on a slope.

In Ospedaletti itself, you can stumble upon an orange grove, where orange fruits hang and lie, seemingly huge, fragrant ... and inedible. Only Russians eat them, as I was told)

Everything that has ever been imported and has taken root is growing, different shades of greenery and flowers merge into an exuberant cocktail. It is not for nothing that San Remo is considered the capital of the flower riviera, and Ospedaletti is not far away. It is amazing how completely different trees and shrubs grow in a small area, from palms to conifers, cypresses, eucalyptus trees and well-established cacti.

Ospedaletti will not disappoint active residents and guests. At certain times, there is a bus in Ospedaletti, on which you can get to the border with France, to Ventimiglia, Dolceacqua, to San Remo and other settlements for about 2 euros.

The most magnificent and exciting thing about Ospedaletti is the 24 km long cycle path. Bicycle rentals are located at every step and are open even on weekends. From Ospedaletti the road starts to San Lorenzo al Mare and passes through San Remo. It does not go up into steep mountains, so in some sections the road is quite comfortable. The road passes through several tunnels, and the closest one is the 1.75 km pedestrian and bicycle tunnel in Capo Nero. Cool!

Come to Ospedaletti - even if you get tired of the sea, there is still something to do!